HI! My name is Qingpeng Kong (孔庆芃 in Chinese, pronounced as Kǒng Qìng Péng or Kaw-ng Ching Puh-ng), and you can also call me Erica.🥰 I’m a senior undergraduate student at Northeastern University, China. I am currently serving as a visiting intern at the Sustainable Computing Laboratory (SCL) located at the University of Notre Dame, supervised by Prof. Yiyu Shi. I’m about to join the MIRACLE Laboratory at the University of Science and Technology of China, co-supervised by Prof. S. Kevin Zhou and Dr. Zihang Jiang. Previously, I closely worked with Dr. Xiaomeng Li at HKUST, Dr. Xiaowei Xu at Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, Dr. Wenfeng Song at Beijing Information Science and Technology University, and Prof. Tao Ren at Northeastern University.

My research primarily focuses on AI4Med, AI fairness, and computer vision. If you are interested in my work or want to collaborate, feel free to contact me via email: qpkong27 [at] 163 [dot] com. 🥳

🔥 News

  • 2024.05:  🎉🎉 A paper is early accepted by MICCAI 2024
  • 2024.04:  🎉🎉 I receive Northeastern University Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  • 2024.03:  🎉🎉 I join MIRACLE Lab as a coming master student

📝 Publications


Achieving Fairness Through Channel Pruning for Dermatological Disease Diagnosis early accept (acceptance rate: 11%)

Qingpeng Kong, Ching-Hao Chiu, Dewen Zeng, Yu-Jen Chen,Tsung-Yi Ho, Jingtong Hu and Yiyu Shi


  • We prune “sensitive” CNN channels to achieve fairness while maintaining high accuracy levels.
  • Hardware Design and the Fairness of A Neural Network, Yuanbo Guo*, Zheyu Yan*, Xiaoting Yu, Qingpeng Kong, Joy C. Xie, Dewen Zeng, Yawen Wu, Zhenge Jia, Yiyu Shi, under review at Nature Electronics, 2024

🎖 Honors and Awards

  • 2024.04 Northeastern University Outstanding Graduate Student Award.
  • 2024.03 Northeastern University First-class scholarship.
  • 2023.09 Second Place, Fair and Intelligent Embedded System Challenge at 19th ACM/IEEE EMBEDDED SYSTEMS WEEK.
  • 2023.09 Northeastern University Outstanding Students.
  • 2022.09 National scholarship.
  • 2022.09 Northeastern University Outstanding Student Medal Award.
  • 2022.09 Northeastern University First-class scholarship.
  • 2022.09 Northeastern University Outstanding Students Pioneer.
  • 2021.09 National scholarship.
  • 2021.09 Northeastern University First-class scholarship.
  • 2021.09 Northeastern University Outstanding Students Pioneer.

📖 Educations

  • 2024.09 (expected) - 2027.06 (expected), M.S., Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hefei, China.
  • 2020.09 - 2024.06 (expected), B.E., Digital Media Technology, Software College, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China.
  • 2023.05 - 2023.07, Visiting Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, USA.

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